Mahesh Karsandas


Mahesh comes from a commercial printing industry background. So precision and attention to detail is important. He is a keen photographer, musician and an artist in his own right. From printing Mahesh diversified to photo processing and printing with training on different photo labs and various equipment. With evolution of technology into the digital age, we have installed new gadgets and gizmos and set up 'Photoplus' literally photos........and more.










Bipin Karsandas BA (Hons) - Graphic Design


Bipin attained a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design from Coventry University. A keen photographer with practical experience via Fuji Image Service programme. With a combination of 25 years of retail business experience and graphic design, creativity and practicality are essential to obtain fantastic end results. 











Personal customer service is our 'mantra'.


We set out to please with turning your photos into memories that you will treasure for a long time. Our aim is to create photo gift products that will enhance your home or office with your precious photos.


Creations that are conceptionally interesting and visually stunning. We believe that the designs should be a collaboration process between you and us together to create an exciting and fun end result. Call on us and we can work together!